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1] Review the lecture on Academic Personal Narrative Paragraphs and then use the outline below to create body paragraph #3. 

Remember that your paragraph is a minimum of 10 sentences. Each of the sentences is outlined below. Each sentence must be a complete sentence with a subject, verb and complete thought with a period at the end.

Put your paragraph into correct paragraph format. If you don’t know what that is, go to modules and click on writing samples, and I have a sample called paragraph format to help you.

Body paragraph #3 is about your personal story of avoiding a bid buster.

2] After you post your paragraph, read some of your group mates’ work. Comment with a minimum of 5 sentences to help a group mate improve his/her paragraph, ask a question, and you can tell them specifically what they did well. You can talk about the topic sentence parts, transitions, main point sentences, context, quotations, and explanation sentences.

Body Paragraph #3 outline – your personal story of avoiding a bid buster

Transition + topic sentence: Agreeing or disagreeing with the author’s main idea that through avoiding bid busters, we can lower conflict or improve a tense situation because of your personal experience of …

Explain the experience in vivid detail: Using transitions to move through time, tell us the story of what usually happens with this person and what you did to avoid a bid buster in a tense situation this time. Include

  • Who?
  • What?
  • Where?
  • Why?
  • When?

Transition + main idea sentence stating if the technique you employed worked or not and how this supports or negates the author’s claim. 

Context + quote from text that speaks to your main point.

Explanation of why you believe the technique worked / didn’t work/ or will work in future.

can you reply

The person I wanted to avoid a bid buster with was a family member and it was my sister because since we are argue almost about everything. Sometimes I wanted to avoid the problem and not create conflict so I did not wanted to create and bid that happened between the person and I so it would create more problem between the person and I. The problem what happened between my sister and I was that I wanted to give her a good advice about something she wanted to wear and as a big sister I wanted to be able to get a good advice to her but she gets mad and is not able to hear me out and she got mad because she did not want to take my advice and that is what gets me more mad at her. Where all of this conflict happened was at my house and we were in my room when she came in and showed me what she wanted to wear and I gave her my opinion about the outfit but she gets mad about everything I want to give her my advice about the situation. When all of this happened was during this week was this situation that happened between my sister and I and it was about the conflict between my sister and I but I hope we did not create a bid between us because I did not want to create more conflict. 

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