CUNYBC 1976 Montreal Olympics

The journal indicated below describes a national project. Based on the journal, and on your team’s understanding of the project, answer the questions below:

DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)CF.1943-5509.0000332

Journal title: “1976 Montreal Olympics: Case Study of Project Management Failure”

#QuestionPoints1Was it an internal or external project? Provide rationale.2.52Identify at least 10 major stakeholders for the project.2.53What were the needs or expectation of each stakeholder?2.54Identify and describe at least 5 most important resources used in the project.2.55What was the alternative approach for the project (i.e. if the stadium had not been built, what else could have been done to ensure the olympics still occurred)?2.56Based on (5) above, was building the stadium at this location and at this time the best approach to have been chosen? Provide rationale using PV, NPV, IRR, B/C. [1 page]107Provide two Level 3 Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) for this project. These two should be the intial (or planned) and final (or actual) WBS. Explain the difference [2 pages]58Based on (7), was there an evidence of scope creep in the project? Provide rationale.2.59Create one network diagram for the project using the final WBS in (7) above [1 page]1510Use the Level 2 tasks in the final WBS to create one GANTT chart for the project. [1 page]1511Use the initial and final WBS to create two high-level budgets for the project. These two should be the initial and final budgets. Explain the difference. [2 pages]1512Using the risk sources, describe three major (broad) categories of risks in the project.313Using a table, list at least ten individual risks ranked by severity, and also link each of them to one of the categories in (12) above [1 page]1514For each risk in (13) above, describe at least one thing that was done, or could have been done to mitigate that risk.2.515Was there adequate quality management processes in place (including quality planning, quality assurance and quality control)? Provide rationale.216Was there adequate outsourcing in the project? Provide rationale.2.517The journal title indicates this project was a failure. Do you agree? Provide rationale.2.518If anyone in your group was appointed the project manager for this project, what would you have done differently to make this project successful?2.519Describe at least five major lessons that can be learned from this project.2.520Other – Abstract, Introduction, Conclusion (one paragraph each)521Other – Effective APA (Times New Roman, font size 12, double-spaced, in-text citations, grammar, reference list, etc)522Other Considerations2.5TOTAL120

Side note from instructor:

  1. Your response should be between 15 -20 pages only, including all auxilliary pages such as Title page, Reference page and Table of Content.
  2. This research project requires you to tie together the key components of project management.
  3. Ensure all responses you provide (including numbers and facts) are supported with information from the journal, or where necessary, provide appropriate assumptions and additional information from external sources. However facts from the journal will trump all external sources. This journal including all other external sources should be correctly referenced.
  4. Use effective APA in-text citation to help the reader know exactly where you are picking your facts from.
  5. Your groups should help you bounce off ideas off each other, since no one person knows it all.
  6. If there are any questions or clarifications needed, the PM may contact me. All the best!

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