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Running head: SELF-ASSESSMENT 1


Self-Assessment Part1

Self-Assessment Part1

Everyone has different cultural identity. Each of them has their owns’ cultures, behavior, ethics, religions, languages, education, social..etc. People are different in the whole world. They cannot be similar, but they can respect each other. In this essay, I will reflect my cultural identity.

I am from Saudi Arabia, and we have our behavior that connect with our religion and habits. For example, all of my family members live together at the same house. The daughter or the son cannot live in separate home until they get married. That means, they can move to another house when they want to get married. That because of my religion, which prevents intimacy between any couple without marriage.

Furthermore, in my culture, women cannot drive a car. This related to our habits cultures. Men think that is dangers for woman to drive by herself. They believe that is a part from their responsibility. I do not agree with them, however, I respect their opinions. Thus, women having hard time moving inside the city especially we do not have good transportation.

As a Muslims woman, I grow up in a conservative family. For example, I and other females in my family wear hijab, which is a scarf on our head with long and wide dress. In addition, we do not shake hand with other gender. Sometimes this put me in embarrassing situation with people who are from different cultures. We like our religion and respect other religions and beliefs.

I grow up in a big lovely family, which I have seven siblings. They are five sweet sisters, and two great brothers. I really appreciate my parents’ fatigue. They support all of us and they did their best to make us good people. Therefore, we have strong communication between each other and all of us complete our education until Bachelor’s degree or higher.

My parents give me the power to have a family too. I marry in early age, which I was only 18 years old. In my culture, this is normal age to get married for girls, but it is very young and up normal for other cultures. Men in my culture can get married as soon as they have a job. I got my decision to be marry for my husband when I was in high school. Now, I am so happy and proud to be a mother for two beautiful children, and a wife for an awesome husband.

Schools and universities in Saudi Arabia are very different form the United States. For example, form first grade to university students study in separate schools for each grander. That means males and females study in divided building, and that do not happened in the United States, which student with different gender study together. This difference come by cultures behaviors.

My language is Arabic, and it is a basic language in the Middle East. Recently, I learned English language as a second language after I decided to study my master degree in the United States. I got intensified English classes for one year and half. That because the fact that my county gives me the opportunity to study here after I took a high grade in my under gradate.

Therefore, I am a graduate student in Chestnut Hill College. I am proud that I achieve part of my dreams, which was to study Psychology in under graduate, and Clinical and Counseling in my graduate; however, many people around me tried to change my mind in choosing this major. Unfortunately, they think is a major that take for madness. I did not hear for them because of my desire to help people getting better life.

In spite the fact that I am shy in making friendship, I am a social person and I like to have many friends. I am always interesting for having friends, but it is difficult for me to have a friend from different gender. In my culture, it is fine for females to work with males, but it should not be friendship.

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