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I need this assignment completed with a minimum of 4 pages, please review the assignment details below. I also ask that the assignment be formatted as directed below. Also I apologize for the time crunch.

Please note that this project has two parts. Choose one year [between 1910-1945] of one of the newspapers listed below and available on-line through Leatherby Libraries database search.

NEWSPAPERS:Years it was Published [Choose 1 Year of 1 Newspaper only]

Chicago Defender1910-1975

NY Amsterdam News1922-1993

Pittsburgh Courier1911-2002

Baltimore Afro-American1893-1988

Los Angeles Sentinel1934-2005

Norfolk Journal of Guide1916-2003

Philadelphia Tribune1912-2001

Michigan Courier1936-2012

Part 1: Part 1: Complete a background evaluation and report of the newspaper itself addressing the following questions: 1-3 pages.

1. Which newspaper is your focus?2. Who owned/owns it and where is it published? Are there any important details about the owners that are noteworthy? 3. How long has or was the newspaper publishing? What year are your focus? 4. Do you think the ownership or location affected the focus of the paper, do you see any bias or particular voices in the materials the newspapers published?5. How can the material be used by historians and scholars to tell history? What might be some projects that the material in your 1 year would be helpful, provide 2 suggestions.

Part 2: “Telling History” Review 1 full year of your chosen newspaper (examine in details the articles, the types, and topics that were published; review letters to the editors,advertisements, etc.). Then write a “mini” history of the lives of African Americans in your chosen year based on what you read in the newspapers. 3-6 pages In doing so, keep in mind the following:

1. You will not be able to write a whole history (everything you read about) as space and time will not necessarily permit this; what are you choosing to focus on and why? 2. What kinds of articles and material are published? Were there common themes or issues that were most concerning to the audiences of that newspaper?3. What can the material tell us about the concerns and interests of African Americans during your period?4. ***For this section of the project you are permitted to use any assigned course materials or lectures to help frame your story or the importance of it to understanding the history of African Americans. If you do, do not forget that you must cite these sources using Chicago Manual of Style footnoting!

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