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Response Guidelines

Respond to at least one other learner regarding SWOT and PEST factors.

Your response must be substantive and contribute to the discussion. Compare your analysis to that of your peer and comment on the similarities and differences that you see. If there are aspects that you do not agree with, present an argument to support your position. If you need more information from your peer, be sure to ask questions for clarity.

Student post down below:

A SWOT is beneficial for an organization to strategize how to move forward with a new journey or how to overcome an obstacle to push the organization toward achieving a goal. A SWOT analysis is used to focus on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. When working through a SWOT it may be necessary to prepare various scenarios or stories that capture the important elements of possible futures for the organization (Bryson, 2018). This may be beneficial to get the key members of the group to think about things differently.

In my current organization, a SWOT analysis has been known to be used when a team dynamics are struggling or when a program is having difficulties with achieving financial goals. When completing a group SWOT analysis, I have discovered that I like to use index card size post its for each member to recognize strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. As the group walks through each topic together, it is great to have time to discuss each one in detail once the post it makes it to the correct area. The SWOT then makes it into a workable plan for the team to focus on.

A PEST analysis is beneficial for seeking information that may affect the organization, what are the political, economic, social, and technological factors (Silva, 2016). A PEST analysis allows for a team to visualize all the factors in one place for a better decision- making process. (Silva, 2016) It is crucial to understand the external factors that could affect an organization and a PEST analysis can assist with that.

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