CS-210-T6598 Programming Languages 20EW6

Can you help me understand this C Programming question?

**I will need screen shots of the program working in the virtual lab as well included with the zipped file.**


In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency:

  • Design functional programs that comply with industry regulations and best practices


Congratulations! You have completed the interview process and have been hired as a junior developer at Chada Tech. Now that you have successfully completed your new-hire orientation and have been introduced to the rest of your team, you are ready to jump in and start working on your first project.

Airgead Banking logo

You are asked to collaborate with Airgead Banking, one of Chada Tech’s clients. Airgead Banking is well known in the community. They often sponsor schools and have recently decided to partner with the local high school to develop a program that will teach students the concepts of fiscal responsibility (such as living within their means and spending less than they make) via an interactive system. The initial focus for this project will be on investing and the power of compound interest. You will develop an application that allows users to see how their investments will grow over time. Airgead Banking has provided you with a list of functional requirements that describe what they need their application to do.


  1. Review the Airgead Banking App Functional Requirements, located in the Supporting Materials section. Create pseudocode or a flowchart to plan your coding project. Outline your code step-by-step so that you can use it as a guide when coding. This will be submitted along with your zipped application.
    1. Do not write code yet. You will do that in Step 3. For this step, write your thoughts in English of what the program should do.
    2. Don’t be concerned with syntax, just list statements, each describing a single action.
    3. List all steps.
    4. Use proper naming conventions.
    5. Keep it simple—use only one statement per line.
  1. Develop an object-oriented programming (OOP) application using secure and efficient C++ code. Make sure that your application:
    1. Meets all specifications listed in the Airgead Banking App Functional Requirements
    2. Follows best practices described in the Airgead Banking Standards document
    3. Includes in-line comments
  1. When your solution is finished, zip your project including all components (CPP, H, and any other files used).
  1. Upload your zipped project file and pseudocode or flowchart to the project submission area.

What to Submit

Pseudocode or Flowchart
Submit a pseudocode or flowchart that clearly outlines your program logic step-by-step.

Investment Code
Submit your zipped project files, including all components (CPP, H, and any other files used). Be sure to include in-line comments.

Supporting Materials

The following resource(s) may help support your work on the project:

Reading: Airgead Banking App Functional Requirements
Airgead Banking provided you with this document, which includes all of the functional requirements necessary for their desired investment application. Your code must meet all of these functional requirements. A text version for all images and tables is available.

Reading: Airgead Banking Standards
This document outlines Airgead Banking’s requirements in relation to code development best practices and standards.

Reading:Downloading Files from Eclipse Tutorial
You will write, test, and run your code using an integrated development environment (IDE). Review this tutorial to learn how to save and export files from your IDE. Important: Do not change the names of any class files.

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