Critically examine what the security manager can do to prevent white

Critically examine what the security manager can do to prevent white collar crime

White collar crime can vary in its definitions; ensure that you critically consider this in this essay. It is ok to concentrate on one or two types of white collar crime or to relate this question to a particular type of organisation in order to give some focus to the essay. This question requires an appraised discussion on white collar crime and an examination of preventative measures, which will require consideration of both theoretical perspectives and their application in terms of crime prevention.

Please make clear the point being made in each paragraph and how this relates to answering the question. Try to focus on a specific type of white collar crime and 3 or 4 preventative measures for better structure and to aID sufficient depth. The essay should be academic in nature and critically aIDress the issue not just superficially. Avoid use of unnecessary headings, but ensure definitive structure.
The essay is to have a clearly defined introduction, main body and conclusion. No need for subtitles. The essay should be VERY ANALYTICAL rather than descriptive, e.g by considering the strengths and weaknesses of the preventative measures available to a security manager, whilst relating it to the relevant theoretical perspectives.

Do not use website or internet based or online materials as resources or references. Please do only reference academic books. Use of academic journals should be limited to 5 sources only; all others (20) should be academic books.

The Havard referencing system should be used for both in-text and end-text referencing. Words quoted verbatim should be in inverted commas, paragraphs or long sentences in an indented tab, etc


Some reference Books:
DoID, N. J. (2003) Troublemakers’ and ‘Nothing to Lose’ Employee Offenders Identified from a Corporate Crime Data Sample’ in M. Gill (ed) Managing Security: Crime at Work Volume III, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan,.

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Levi, M. (1998) ‘The Craft of the Long-Firm Fraudster: Criminal Skills and Commercial Responses’, in M. Gill (ed) Crime at Work: Increasing the Risk for Offenders, Volume II, Basingstoke: Palgrove Macmillan.
More Books, articles

Nelken, D. (2010) ‘White-collar and corporate crime’ in M. Maguire, R. Morgan and R. Reiner (eds) The Oxford Handbook of Criminology (5th Edition), Oxford: Oxford University Press, 623-659.

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Shover, N. and Hochstetter, A. (2006) Choosing White Collar Crime , Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Other possible Resources

White collar crime Radio 4 podcasts

Three podcasts by Professor Laurie Taylor on White Collar Crime available via this link:

White collar crime 1 – The Culture of Crime, broadcast on 4 Nov 09

White collar crime 2 – The Regulators, broadcast 13 Nov 09

White collar crime – Punishment, broadcast 18 Nov 09

Centre for Retail Research
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Home Office – crime reduction toolkits – business and retail crime
AABC – Action Against Business Crime

Association for Accountancy and Business Affairs

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Criminal Justice Resources

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