Critical thinking bibliography Assignment

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This week’s readings focus on finding credible evidence to support arguments you will make in your argumentation papers. Evidence is used to provide the “backing” for arguments, one of the six essential components of the Toulmin model of argumentation. Evidence is how assertions and opinions are verified as accurate, plausible, or worthy of consideration. Credible evidence is how you establish trust with your audience. However finding credible evidence remains a difficult task, especially in the contemporary age of information.

In this prompt you will demonstrate your understanding of credibility by practicing your annotated bibliography skills. For this discussion I want you to share one of the sources you are using for your annotated bibliography. See Annotated Bibliography Guidelines for more details on this assignment. It can be any source of information related to your topic. Post the reference information for the source and then answer the following questions:

1. What makes this source of information credible?

2. How does the information in this source specifically relate to your topic?

3. How could this information be used to support your arguments?

Be sure to respond to at least one other post from classmates in the discussion.

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