Criminological Research Paper


Offenders commit crimes for different reasons. Criminological theories attempt to explain why crimes occur. For this Paper, you will evaluate the theoretical study of crime and crime causation by examining the crime of an offender and applying a criminological theory discussing why the offense occurred. 

You must discuss both the offender and the crime in detail. Additionally, you must research the criminological theory to be used; discuss the theorist responsible for coining the theory, the year it was created, the premise of the theory, and how it is applicable. 

You may only use scholarly sources when citing in your paper. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. 

First, select an offender from the list of offenders. I choose: 

  • Susan Smith (falsely claimed carjacking to cover drowning of her children) 

Then, select one theory from the list. I choose: 

  • Cognitive Theory 

After you research the criminological theory and the case, your paper must 

  • Explain the theory in detail. 

  • Discuss the theorist responsible for coining the theory including the year the theory was created. 

  • Describe the premise of the theory. 

  • Explain how it is applicable. 

  • Discuss both the offender and the crime in detail. 

  • Discuss how the theory explains the actions of the criminal selected from the list above. 

The Final Paper 

  • Must be three to five double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) 

  • Must include a separate title page with the following: 

  • Must use at least SIX scholarly sources in addition to the course text. 

  • Must document all sources in APA style  

  • Must include a separate references page that is formatted according to APA style 

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