criminal justice policy paper

A policy paper is a critical analysis of an important societal issue or problem that involves the research and development of a defensible plan – a policy proposal for solving the problem by formulating workable strategies for implement a new plan.

After reading Walker’s book, Sense and Nonsense you are to write a 5 page, double spaced abbreviated policy proposal on a criminal justice issue/problem of your choosing. Your paper should follow the following structure:

Title of your Policy Paper

Statement of the Problem

  • What is the specific problem – define it

  • Provide the reader with background information about the social problem

  • What are the historical background issues related to this problem

  • Why is it an important issue that needs to be addressed

  • What evidence is there that suggest a change in policy is needed

  • What are the major causes of the problem

Current Policy

  • What are the current policies/programs

  • Why haven’t those policies/programs solved, or alleviated the problem(s)

  • What are the major flaws or limitations of the current policy

Policy Recommendations/Action Plan

(In this section of your paper formulate an effective policy proposal that is practical and feasible – tell us why your proposal will work)

  • What are your specific policy recommendations

  • How does your policy solve the problem, better than current policies

  • What research/evidence can you offer that your proposal will work

  • What are the most critical obstacles to implementing your proposal – i.e., financial, ethical, or political
  • Why might policy makers oppose or embrace your proposal

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