Criminal Justice Discussion

In this assignment, you will be introduced to the world map that will be used throughout the course. The purpose of the map is to provide a visual reference based on various prompts. For Module 1, you are going to include information about yourself and your previous experiences.

Once you have acquainted yourself with how to use the map, mark the following locations for this module:

  • Where do you currently live and/or work? (Choose the most pertinent location if they are different)
    • Mark this location using the house or building icon in dark red (RGB 136, 14, 79).
  • The locations where you have cultural experience that you discussed in the introduction assignment (M1.1).
    • If you feel that you only have a minor amount of exposure, use a flag icon in grey (RGB 117, 117, 117).
    • If you have extensive exposure to the location (perhaps you lived there, have multiple contacts, etc.), use a flag icon in gold (RGB 255, 214, 0).

Once you have marked the locations, provide a list of the locations your marked as a submission for this assignment below.

M1.3: Discussion: What is Justice?

Justice means many things to many people. For example, think about how a judge may have a vastly different definition than a recently convicted criminal on their way to serve their sentence. Based on life experiences, an individual may define justice through the lens of perceived injustice or they may speak about how the legal system benefited them personally. Regardless of how they arrived at their definition, everyone has a unique way to explain what justice is.

First, watch the following video to get an overview of comparative criminal justice (5:54)

INSTRUCTIONS Portfolium Indicator

For this assignment, you will create a spoken word video about your personal definition of justice. The prompt is purposefully simple to give you the freedom to interpret the term in any way that you choose. The video in the section above is a professionally produced spoken work video that you can use for inspiration but your submission is not expected to be produced to that level. The video below is an example of a spoken word video about law that is effective without having the same production quality.

After you have produced your video, share it with the class using the discussion board below. If you are comfortable doing so, share some of your life experiences that have helped you develop your definition of justice. Be sure to take time to respond to some of your peers’ posts.

M1.4: Assignment: Global Networking – Video 

The video above was created for this course by NYPD Captain Robert Matarazzo. In the video, he discusses the global eye of the NYPD’s liaison program and a compelling story of its handpicked intelligence operatives that help citizens that live, work, and travel to New York stay safe.

As you will see on the world map in M1.2, some people have more exposure to the criminal justice systems in other countries than others. Some people may have lived and worked in different countries or they may have colleagues that do. This assignment is the first one in a series that will help everyone gain exposure to the criminal justice system in another country by reaching out directly to a practitioner in the field.

This assignment specifically is about the process of connecting with a new contact. It is alright if you do not have a contact who has confirmed that they will participate by the time you turn in this assignment.


Your first step is to identify which country most interests you and then choose a municipality within that country. Since the purpose of this series of assignments is to learn about a new culture, please reach out to someone in a country that you do not already have experience with. Find a way to connect with an individual in the criminal justice system in that municipality. The possibilities are nearly endless for who you can connect with but it would be a good idea to talk to someone who has a similar role to your current job or the job you would like to have in the near future. You may find people using professional networks such as LinkedIn or you could reach out directly to a department in your chosen municipality to see if they can connect you with someone. Do not get discouraged if you have trouble finding someone immediately. Persistence in this first step will lead to a more fulfilling experience going forward.

If you are having trouble making a foreign contact, please reach out to your instructor for assistance.

Note: In Module 4, you will be asked to record a Zoom meeting with your contact where you interview them about their experiences. When choosing a contact, let them know that requirement in case it is not something they are willing to do.

The deliverable for this assignment will be in the form of a memo to the instructor of the course. In the memo, note who you are reaching out to, where they live, and what their role is. Then, justify why you chose to reach out to them. If you do not have a specific individual chosen at this point, you can speak generally about your choices.

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Criminal Justice Discussion

Please watch the documentary Catching Hell in the City of Angels (2013) through the link provided below.… (Links to an external site.)

Then, you will write the essay, which will incorporate your answer to the questions below. Also, feel free to include other points you observe in the documentary, and please try to make connections with the subject of the course. However, if you use other sources, please cite them correctly using one of the citation styles identified in the course syllabus and have a bibliography page at the end of your essay. Your submissions must be in DOC or DOCX format.

  • What are the socio-economic conditions of the Imperial Courts?
  • What is the impact of drugs and criminal networks on crime?
  • Why do people become drug dealers or get involved in crime? Please use one of the theories (the one that you think best explains crime causality) from the textbook (Chapter 3: The Search for Causes).
  • What is the impact of crime on the businesses and economic life in the neighborhood?
  • Why do people join gangs? What are the advantages?
  • Do some residents seem to be living in a vicious circle of crime? What are the difficulties ex-convicts face after they serve their sentence and try to reintegrate into society?

the essay will be doublespaced, written in font size 12, minimum three pages, maximum
four pages (excluding the bibliography page) in length. No cover page is needed.

You must try to answer all questions provided to you for the assignment.

You are not required to use any additional sources apart from the textbook and
lectures. However, if you benefit from additional sources, please cite them properly
(Chicago or APA styles are accepted) to avoid plagiarism; and have a bibliography
at the end of your essay.

You are expected to present the content, critically analyze it, and reflect on the
new information you gained while connecting the issues to the course’s themes. It
is essential that your paper is wellorganized and written in a professional language
(e.g., no use of contractions) that applies the grammar and spelling rules.

Submission must be in DOC

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Criminal Justice Discussion

you must have responded to the question below with an original post and responded to another student’s post using information we have covered during this week. Please write at least 4 – 6 sentences for each original post and 2- 4 sentences in your responses.

Discussion Board Questions:

After reading the assigned text and articles for this week, answer one of the following questions in your own words using support from the readings and your own opinion:

  • What are mandatory arrest policies and how are they used for incidents of domestic violence? Do you think they have helped victims of intimate partner violence? Why or why not?


  • Briefly describe two of the barriers that can prevent victims of intimate partner abuse from reporting their victimization to police or seeking support. How can we reduce these barriers and increase reporting and support seeking?


One barrier is the language barrier of immigrants or people who don’t have English as a first language. They aren’t able to properly get help as it is unlikely they’d be somewhere they could be fully and properly understood. A fairly simple solution would be to have as many people of different race, ethnicity, and language capability at these support services. As well as advertising these services everywhere and in any way possible in these languages. Another barrier is that women don’t feel that the justice system takes these matters seriously, and we have seen several instances where this is true. They either aren’t believed, or they’re blamed, or their abuser doesn’t get a worthy punishment if even that. These places are supposed to be safe for women and for the people, yet some are victimized twice – once by their abuser, twice by the system. Officers should be trained in how to properly approach these situations, and the justice system needs to start taking these matters more seriously and give proper punishment to those deserving. 

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Criminal Justice Discussion

I’m working on a Writing exercise and need support.

What is the nature of addiction.?

Addiction can arise from many different pathologies, and varies in its strength, severity and manifestations. In your opinion, how should addiction be considered?

A bad habit?
A failure of healthy choices?
A failure of morality?
A symptom of other problems
A chronic disease?

What causes people to subject their bodies and minds to the harmful effects of non-medical and/or recreational drug use that often leads to drug addiction?

How should society deal with the issue of drug addiction? What types/forms of additional resources should be implemented to combat addiction? Who should fund those resources?

Finally, in your opinion, why is drug use a more serious problem today than in the past?

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