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Intermediate Sanctions: Applied Exercise

Read each of the case scenarios below, and select the type of intermediate sanction you think is best suited for each offender. The list of possible sanctions is provided below. Once you have made your selection, write a 50-100 word essay for each scenario that explains why you chose a particular intermediate sanction or combination of sanctions.

Students should remember that intermediate sanctions operate on a continuum, and they will need to ensure that the sanction they choose is proportional to the offense. Similarly, students should not over-predict the likelihood of an individual committing a future crime.

  1. Student provides a reasonable match between scenario and intermediate sanction(s).
  2. Student provides adequate justification for each match between scenario and intermediate sanction(s).


  1. A male juvenile who constantly sneaks out of the house despite his parents’ attempts to prevent him. He leaves home at night to meet his friends, use drugs, and commit acts of vandalism.
  2. A female offender who “keyed” the car of a neighbor who kept parking on the curb nearest to her own side of the street.
  3. A male delivery driver who is on community supervision for failing to appear in court for proceedings related to thefts in a neighborhood.
  4. A male gang offender who physically assaulted a man who smarted off to him.
  5. A female drug addict who has been busted for prostitution.
  6. A young male who has been committing petty acts of vandalism.
  7. A woman convicted of writing hot checks.
  8. A male teenager who made threatening prank calls to various people in the community.
  9. A middle-aged male who continues to drive while drunk. This is his second DWI offense. He has never been to prison.
  10. Several young people who were playing pranks on elderly people in the community. They egged multiple homes and caused some light property damage to porch lights and other such components of victims’ homes.

Sanction Choices:

Intensive Supervised Probation

GPS Tracking and probation

Standard probation and restitution

Home detention and electronic monitoring

Standard probation and community service

Shock incarceration, probation, and community service


Community Service

Day reporting center and the use of Intensive Supervised Probation

Standard Probation

Home detention, electronic monitoring, and Intensive Supervised Probation

Drug court with Intensive Supervised Probation

**You may use any of the above options more than once. There is no requirement that you must use every one of the choices presented.

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