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Discussion Topic:

This week we are learning about computer and online crimes.

Discussion Board #7: This week you will learn a little about one of the newer types of crimes that law enforcement has been attempting to deal with-Computer Crime. Computer crime is moving at a rate that Law enforcement can barely keep up with it-from the investigative processes, to the creation and modification of laws to criminalize behavior associated with computer use. But in many cases, questions arise as to the legality of law enforcement accessing computer or online activity of suspicious persons. Much like the wire taps of phones done in the “old days” computer access and “spying” on database information has required legal recognition and permission. But to what end? Where should the line be drawn? Since the world has become much smaller with the creation of the world wide web, should we live with the guaranteed right of privacy afforded in the US Constitution, or is it time that we look at the needs of the world with regards to privacy and safety, and modify the Constitution to fit the needs of today? For this discussion, discuss these two points:

  1. What priority should law enforcement place on investigations of the various online crimes that occur? (Name the crimes you are discussing and what priority-be sure to think of all levels of crime, including terrorism).
  2. How should we look at the legality of Online crime, and modify the Constitution to protect the rights of the citizens, yet keep us safe?

Remember-READ the instructions for writing a Discussion Board. Your initial post MUST BE AT LEAST 300 WORDS IN LENGTH; if shorter, you will be marked down. There is no limit to the length. YOU MUST RESPOND TO TWO CLASSMATES’ POSTS. Click on the post, then click on Add a Comment to respond. EACH of these two posts must be AT LEAST 200 WORDS IN LENGTH! You must include at least one citation and reference in your post in APA 7 format. If any evidence or data is used in responses to classmates, these must also be cited and referenced in the response. If no citation(s) and reference(s) points will be lost.

Also remember you cannot post to another person until they post, and vice versa. Thus, your personal post must be posted by Thursday, 10:59PM CST/11:59PM EST of the week assigned. Complete your Discussion Boards early in the week to allow your classmates time to complete theirs! Discussion #7 response posts are due by the following Monday, 10:59PM CST/11:59PM EST. Note the actual due date in the module. NO LATE POSTS WILL BE ACCEPTED! You must post before seeing other’s replies!

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