Chapter 3

  1. What are the specific aims and purposes of the criminal law? To what extent does the criminal law control behavior?
  2. What kinds of activities should be labeled criminal in contemporary society? Why?
  3. What is a criminal act? What is a criminal state of mind? When are individuals liable for their actions?
  4. Discuss the various kinds of crime classifications. To what extent or degree are they distinguishable?
  5. Numerous states are revising their penal codes. Which major categories of substantive crime do you think should be revised?
  6. Entrapment is a defense when the defendant was entrapped into committing the crime. To what extent should law enforcement personnel induce the commission of an offense?
  7. What legal principles can be used to justify self defense? Given that the law seeks to prevent crime, not promote it, are such principles sound?
  8. What are the minimum standards of criminal procedure required in the criminal justice system?

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