Creating Wakelet Post about ” Excessive Dieting”

I’m working on a Writing question and need guidance to help me study.

First, view the Module assignment prompt on the web in Wakelet

Wakelet (formerly Storify) is a free web publishing tool that allows users to curate the internet, design reading experiences with integrated media, and compose original text. Getting Started Wakelet Tutorial

Include the following recommended amount of sourced material using the tools in Wakelet:

o At least 2 videos providing content

o At least 3 relevant websites

o At least 5 striking, independent visuals to illustrate or enhance your comments and keep your reader engaged

o Hyperlinks when needed, for reader reference

o Original Writing approximately 1250-1750 words

o At least 3 varied, attributed, incorporated quoted voices

o (Tweets or GIFs to add perspective, humor or commentary/voice)

Here are some examples about students’ Wekelet posts

Student Wakelet Profile Junk Food (Links to an external site.)

Student Wakelet Profile Black Women (Links to an external site.)

Student Wakelet Profile Endurance Athlete (Links to an external site.)

The topic I chose is “Excessive Dieting”. I would appreciate it if you could take a look at the examples provided and be creative. I have already created my Wakelet account, I’ll give you the username and password once the tutor is assigned. Please keep the post public so I can see the progress and give you some thoughts if needed.

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