Create a hypothetical community organization. Design a poster for this organization that describes the problem your organization seeks to address, presents the organization’s services, and includes the ethical framework in which it operates

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Part 1:

describe the type of community organization you are going to create for your community. Your submission should include brief answers to the following questions:

  • What community is your organization going to serve? This must be a specific city, town, or region of your choice.
  • What type of issues in your community is your organization going to address?
  • What ethical theory or framework is going to guide your organization’s mission and work?


research outline. This outline should include a full description of your organization based on the research you have gathered on your community. Organize this research into a template and include an annotated bibliography of the sources you use.

For information on how to structure your submission, please refer to the Outline Template (.docx)

For full instructions, please refer to the Project Directions (.docx)


The full version of the project.

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