CPT Course

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Course Name: Information Systems Infrastructure

Workplace: My Role is Data Analayst

My Responsibilities:

  • Extensively worked on Agile/Agile Scrum methodology throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for thoroughly testing in order to meet the business requirement.
  • Tested several MicroStrategy Reports for data quality, fonts, headers, footers, and cosmetics.
  • Responsible for Creating and managing reports in MicroStrategy and workflows in Alteryx in order to validate the data against the dashboard.
  • Expertise in using MicroStrategy Desktop for testing the facts, attributes, hierarchies, reports, filters, metrics and templates.
  • Right after the sprint meeting, I used to write my own test cases for each story where I used to review and discuss it with the broader team.
  • After reviewing my test cases I used to take inputs from the team and if needed I used to make necessary changes to my test cases and used to implement in my testing. This is how I managed to cover more than 90% of my test scenarios.
  • All my tasks were completed on time. If there are any backlogs they are carried over to the following sprint. In my process of testing, if I find any bugs or issues, ServiceNow incidents were logged and discussed in the stand-up meetings. Once the sprint is completed, we used to take part in Sprint retrospective meetings to discuss What went well, what didn’t and what needs to be improved.
  • As part of my validation, I used to validate the code on all the data available for me, using Alteryx workflows, Spark Scala code that I have developed are as per the requirements this has given confidence to my scrum team. I used to perform End to end testing before the product goes live and used to review with my manager’s and ETL Team


  • Describe the course description?
  • List outcomes from your course: List the outcomes (objectives) as written in the above-mentioned course?
  • Apply your Work Experience to the course: Correlate your job responsibilities with the course and outcomes listed above.

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