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CPSC-6660 Fa2018 FINAL Name: __________________________________________ 1. Explain State Spaces and how they are used in problem solving. CPSC-6660 Fa2018 FINAL 2. Explain the use of Agents in AI. Discuss their use as individual and elementary elements as well as their use in Multiagent systems. CPSC-6660 Fa2018 FINAL 3. Explain in general how searches can be utilized to solve problems. Then, give specific explanations using Breadth-First Search, Depth-First Search, and Heuristic Search. CPSC-6660 Fa2018 FINAL 4. Explain problem solving using reasoning with constraints. Be sure to distinguish between hard and soft constraints. Give a practical example according to your explanation. CPSC-6660 Fa2018 FINAL 5. Discuss issues faced with Knowledge Representation. CPSC-6660 Fa2018 FINAL 6. Discuss the issues with Natural Language Processing and what must take place in order to address these issues. CPSC-6660 Fa2018 FINAL 7. Discuss the challenge of artificial cognizance. …
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