COVID-19 Community Resources & Services for Community Agency

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(3 Pages essay assignment)

  • Please review the COVID-19 Services & Resources:
    • Identify the services and resources that would be relevant to the community members served with your community service agency. Explain how each of the services you identified could benefit the community.

    Community Agency – Grandma’s Love Ic. (provides mission of the agency and the targetted population it works for)

  • The organization works with kids and their families that are low-income in low-income communities. This organization combats child hunger, also provides school supplies, and makes referrals for those in greater need. The organization also collaborates with her sponsors and organizes a lot of community events (this is just extra info)
  • I was an intern here for a few weeks.
  • The only thing to highlight is to make sure that what is identified would benefit those kids and families which are the targetted population that the agency provides services.

No plagiarism since it will be uploaded online but also studypools’ standards at (15%) and cant go higher than that.

Subject: Social Work

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