Counseling Supervision Reflec

Please review this vignette and answer the questions below
Two master’s trainees in a mental health counselor training program recently complained to the coordinator of the program that Chelsea, a 3rd-year doctoral student, has been very difficult to work with at their practicum site. According to both of them, Chelsea regularly shows up late and seems arrogant and condescending to them and other trainees at the facility. She is also perceived as manipulative. For instance, in group supervision she claimed that an idea that her coleader “supposedly came up with” was really her own idea. In truth, Chelsea takes credit for other people’s ideas and becomes very defensive when other trainees confront her. She also makes up excuses for her tardiness and fails to take responsibility for her actions. Because Chelsea can be very charming and is a straight A student (which Chelsea makes sure everyone knows), the trainees believe that their site supervisor is blind to her faults and is easily manipulated by her. This frustrates the other trainees, who feel angry that their site supervisor cannot see Chelsea’s true character and take control of the situation.
The program coordinator at the university is understandably troubled by this news and views this as a multifaceted problem. If the two trainees’ allegations are true, he must deal with (a) a potentially personality disordered trainee who may cause great harm to her clients and who has certainly created stress for her colleagues; (b) a site supervisor who failed to do a competent job of gatekeeping; and (c) faculty members in the training program who have awarded exemplary grades to a student who may be strong academically but lacks the personal qualities to be an effective counselor. Furthermore, the coordinator must make sure that the program’s other trainees at that site are getting their needs met.

If you were the coordinator and were informed of this situation, what would you be inclined to do first? How might you approach Chelsea without revealing the identities of the trainees who made the complaint? What actions would you take to determine whether the allegations were true? How would you make provisions for due process for Chelsea? What might you say to Chelsea’s site supervisor as well as to your colleagues on the faculty who allowed this impaired student to advance in the program?

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