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In your first draft of the Assessment Report, you address the introduction, assessment review, and assessment administration. You will now build on that draft with your assessment scoring, assessment results interpretation, recommendations, and conclusion. You are using the same results you received from your partner for your first draft as you complete this second draft.

As part of your Assessment Results Interpretation, you will again explore validity and reliability. When considering validity and reliability of the instruments, together, often what you are looking for is how well the instruments predict suitability for a career. Typically the results will match up the individuals’ interests and personality with a potential career path.

Refer to the COU 630 Final Project I Outline (located in the Assignment Guideline and Rubric section within Start Here) to help structure your project.

Prompt: For this assignment, you will submit the assessment scoring, assessment results interpretation, recommendations, and conclusion sections of your career assessment report for instructor feedback. 

This is the link to my partners personality assessment. I’ve also attached her career assessment information along with the rubric. Please adhere.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

Assessment Scoring

A. Discuss how the assessments are scored.

Assessment Results Interpretation

A. State the results of each assessment.

B. Summarize what each assessment means. Discuss the personality and career assessments in separate paragraphs.

C. Summarize what the assessments mean together.

What is your interpretation of the assessment results? (Note: Your interpretation should be discussed as a separate heading under your summary of what the assessments mean together.)

D. Summarize what the results mean in terms of the client’s future career.

Make sure to provide rationale. Your rationale should include how the meaning of the results align with the client’s future career.

E. Address the validity and reliability of the results.

Note: You discussed concerns around validity and reliability of the tools in the assessment review of your first draft. Now, discuss the validity and reliability of the tools’ ability to predict future career options based on the assessment results and research on the tool.


A. Discuss how the results impact their educational level.

Does the client need more education to seek a new career?

What do the results implicate with respect to their education?

B. Identify any specific education resources you would recommend. Why?

What occupational resources would you recommend to help? Why? Identify any occupational resources you may provide the client with.

D. Discuss what you suggest the client’s career direction should be moving forward.

E. Support the client’s recommended career direction using data.

How is the data informing the labor market and the career path you are suggesting?


A. Summarize your overall career recommendations.

What are your overall recommendations and predictions and prognosis?

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