Correspondence Project

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You have read Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail” which directly responds to a statement published by Alabama clergymen that criticizes his actions. In his letter, King uses compelling rhetoric to defend his beliefs and convince his specific audience. Using his letter as an example, we will now consider ways we can try to convince a specific person or group to take on our own convictions.


Write a letter that seeks to persuade a specific audience.By specific audience, I mean a set individual or group. By persuade, I mean that you must present an idea of your own and demonstrate why that particular audience should accept it.

Your stances do not have to be political and contrary; you may want to write a letter that is either civic minded or business minded. What you must do, is find something specific to respond to. Because of this, your letter will need to be accompanied by a “statement” of sorts that you are addressing, and a self-analysis that explains the rhetorical strategies you use in your letter.

Project Requirements:

  1. A 3-4 paged letter from you to a specific audience
  2. A link to a statement (this could be a news article, a video, a social media post, a business’ mission, etcetera)
  3. A one-page analysis explaining the rhetoric you chose to use in your letter because of your intended audience
    • In order to write your one-page analysis, answer the following:
      • What tone did you take to convince your audience?
      • How do your examples appeal to your audience?
      • What assumptions did you make about your audience and why?

Letter Requirements:

  • Letters should be 3-4 full pages
  • Letters must use Times New Roman font, size 12, Double Spaced, and have page numbers, but be in a letter format
  • Letters must include at least one counterargument paragraph
  • Letters need to be revised and edited

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