ACCT19083 – Term 3, 2017 Corporate Governance and Ethics Due Date Week 7 Friday (05 January 2018) 11.45 PM (AEST) Assessment 1 Individual Assessment Report Weighting 30% Length 3,000words Submission Online individually Font size Word document in any font between 11 and 12 Company executives as the moral agents are responsible for decision making to successfully run their business for maximising the well-being of various stakeholders. In reality, their decisions/actions have ethical dimensions with positive or negative effects for stakeholders including investors (shareholders), employees and the society at large. There are different ethical theories (in particular those covered in Module 2 and Chapter 2 of your textbook) to critically evaluate the character and duties of the moral agents and ethical dimensions of their decisions/actions. For this assignment, consider Bernard Ebbers, the CEO of WorldCom, and Bernard Madoff, the CEO of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities. Both of these companies collapsed in the First decade of the Twenty-First century with revelation of ethical dimensions of the decisions/actions of the principal moral agents. Requirements: (a) Undertake a review of literature to develop and explain your perception of the ethical theories in relation to the character of the moral agents, their duties and ethical dimensions of their decisions/actions. Use your textbook, study materials in Moodle 2 and at least 3 journal articles to develop your answer. Use CQU Library databases to find relevant journal articles. (b) Explain two Bernards’ characters, their duties and ethical dimensions (consequences) of their decisions/actions by applying appropriate ethical theories, selecting from those discussed in i) above. Use academic journals (any number) and at least 8 media articles (e.g., those published in the reputed newspapers) to develop your answer. If you are enthusiastic, you can visit the investigation reports relating to WorldCom and Madoff Investment Securities. Template and Marking Criteria Contents Guidelines Size Marks Title page Give a title of your assignment Student name and Id Table of contents First page Essential Executive summary Key points of what you found and how you contribute to knowledge Half a page 1 mark Introduction Road map to your entire report stating what you searched and how you planned/progressed Half a page 1 mark Main body of the report Discussion of ethical theories See requirement (a) 1,250 words 12 marks Application of ethical theories See requirement (b) 1,250 words 12 marks Conclusions Wrapping-up, stating what was your purpose and how you responded to the requirements Half a page 1 mark References Appropriate references in the text and in the list at the end as per APA referencing guide 1.5 marks Quality of English 1.5 marks Total 30% of the course 30 marks

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