Core Competencies between Nurse Practitioners and Adminstrator/Executive.

Core Competencies between Nurse Practitioners and Adminstrator/Executive.


You are provided  with the URLs of both articles and also named each one for its specialty role. Nurse practitioners give direct patient care like physicians, while the administrator/executive deals with the business side of healthcare system. Please answer these two bullet points by comparing and contrasting their competencies while analyzing similarities and differences in the implementation of these competencies. Look the green color hints as well.

• Compare and contrast the core competencies of a direct care provider advanced role (Nurse Practitioners) and indirect care provider advanced role (Nurse administrator/executives).

• Analyze the similarities and differences in implementation of the competencies within the selected roles.


Nurse Practitioner Article: (Direct Care providers). On this article focus on the competency area titled- Family / Across the Lifespan NP Competencies.

Nurse administrator/executives Article: (Indirect Care providers)


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