Contracts (BUSINESS LAW)

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During the semester of this course, I usually required that you attend any court in your area, i.e., district court, circuit court, etc. However, because of the situation with the Coronavirus, courts are limiting who may attend court proceedings. If you happen to be involved in a court proceeding, you are more than welcome to use that experience for this paper. There will not be any sign in sheet here; however, you must include in a short paper, the court you attended or conference call if courts are still closed, the judge’s courtroom, the date on which you attended this court, the docket number/court case file number of the matter(s) you heard, and briefly describe what you saw, heard, what type of action was it (civil matter vs. criminal matter), and your thoughts or opinion on everything. Remember the assignment is to be done during the course and should not be about an earlier experience.

If you do not have any court proceeding during our dates of instruction, you may also visit several of the Michigan courts via the internet by visiting that court’s home page (e.g. (Links to an external site.)). If you visit one of the Michigan courts live court proceedings, you must include the same information as listed above.

I think this may provide you with an excellent opportunity to see the judicial process at work, as well as let you see matters involving areas of law that we have been discussing or will be discussing.

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