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I need to write an outline + essay

please upload a detailed essay outline for each of the following prompts, all in a single document (100 points each).

  1. Why would a student of humankind invest in the study of geography? Assess the strengths of geography as a subject, and provide specific examples of how geographic awareness is utilized well in certain cases and in others ignored. Should any academic discipline ignore geography?
  2. Provide a geographical interpretation of the concept of culture. In your interpretation, be sure to describe and demonstrate the key definitions, most significant processes, and critical variables of culture. Does culture make us unique?
  1. Is the world crowded? Describe and demonstrate the most significant perceptions and realities of human populations today and in the past. Assess the most likely prospects for humankind’s conditions and propose at least four viable solutions to the population issues.
  2. Geography provides unique insights into ethnicity. How do geographers interpret race and ethnicity? Using geography’s five themes, site (meaning describe the location) and situate (describe the human and physical landscapes) of at least 3 specific examples of your new understanding of ethnicity from around the world. Be sure to also demonstrate the interactions between popular culture and ethnicity.
  3. Geographers and other social scientists say “language is the lens of culture.” How do language shape culture and help in the study of culture? Using geography’s five themes, site (describe the location) and situate (describe the human and physical landscapes) at least 3 of the most significant times and places to demonstrate how language is one of the most essential pieces of a mosaic of culture.

The outlines are graded equally based on the following criteria:

  1. Content: a thought-provoking thesis, analysis that demonstrates critical and analytical thinking, avoidance of generalizations that are not supported by evidence, the clear position taken;
  2. Evidence: specific examples that support your conclusions, use of the required readings and course dialogue, essay prompt answered thoroughly;
  3. Organization: There is a focused thesis, a coherent progression of ideas, and an insightful conclusion that accurately sums up the main ideas.
  4. Presentation Techniques: graphics, maps, charts, tables referenced to support the main arguments, and generally free of mechanical errors (run-ons, verb usage, etc.);
  5. Citations: textbook, course discussions, and other resources.

    i need two files ( routine + essay )

    please follow the instructions above for an outline and essay .

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