contemporary Issues

contemporary Issues

Project description
Respond to this Issue:-

Women face many challenges in entering and remaining in the technology workforce. Read, analyze, and respond to issues raised in

“We don’t have a women in technology problem at Business of Software Conference”

Write a argumentative essay that should follow this kind of outline:

Provide a brief description of the issue, the surrounding context, and the question you will be answering. This should explain enough so that someone unfamiliar with

the issue can quickly get oriented and be ready to follow your argument.

Articulate your answer to the prompt question, along with evidence supporting your opinion. This evidence should come from the article, aIDitional sources, and/or

course materials.

Acknowledge one or two arguments that could be made against your position. Not everyone will agree with you, and there may be legitimate arguments against your point

of view, so demonstrate that you understand that and know the counter-argument.

Explain why you think your argument is more convincing than the counter-argument(s), and why the evidence is in your favor.

Note that you may argue for or against the stance taken in the referenced articles. Your grade will not depend on which side you argue for, but rather how well you

articulate your position and support it with evidence from your sources. Remember that you need to cite your source using an in-text citation for any non-obvious


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