Construction management cash flow

Construction management cash flow

You have recently joined a high end residential builder as a Construction Manager, and have been given the responsibility of delivering a project at 8 Learmonth St Queenscliff. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your ability as a skilful Construction Manager who can balance the critical elements of time, cost and quality.
A full set of construction documents including: drawings, specifications, schedules, tender breakdown and contract are available.

Assignment 2

You are required to establish a cash flow for the project that reflects the construction programme.

For the purpose of your cash flow please assume the following:
• Client credit terms are as per the HIA contract
• Subcontractors and supplier credit terms are 30 days
• Preliminaries are to be spread evenly over the project
• All subcontractors and suppliers submit a claim for works complete for the week at the end of each week

The Operations Manager requires you to submit a concise report including:
• A discussion on how negative cash flow can be managed and / or minimised for the project
• A discussion on the relationship between time, cost and quality and potential impacts on the organisation
i have attach copies of information that is to be used. 5 pages for these. to be in own words

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