construction finance managment

Topic: construction finance managment

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Assignment summary:
We will provide you with six excel sheet number from Mr. 1, Mr. 2, Mr.3 ,Mr 4, Mr 5 and Mr 6

The assignment is a technical report include the following:
1. introduction:
In summary mention what the report is about and explain the need behind the financing this project and overdraft to number of facility need to be construct.
Mention what the report is about???
You should mention the changes related to you (AID data given in excel number 4)
2. Present the updated situation about the new spreadsheets
• Land and Construction flow schedule for loans:
AID the cash flow sheet
• Cash flow for the developers’ own costs:
Refer to the data sheet and analysis based on given calculation
• Developers’ Budget

Summarize the Developers’ Budget Final figure for profit or loss

3. Then discussion about the impact of factors on outcomes variation and try approximately to identify the effects of each factors
4. Summary about the results
5. Recommendations
Suggestions for improvements to feasibility study method
Mention what is your suggestion to improve to feasibility study to this finance
6. References

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