Conduct a thorough literature

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It is designed to familiarize you with the real world practices of budgeting and financial management in healthcare organizations and demonstrate your ability to analyze a budget/financial statement using excel spreadsheets. This paper should be approximately 18-20 pages in length. A reference page will be required based on the APA reference style (Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1 inch margins) and include a cover page, table of contents and bibliography (not counted in the page limit). References must extend beyond web-based sources to include class readings and peer reviewed journals. You must have AT LEAST 10 references. (5 of which must be peer-reviewed).

Use a healthcare organization(El Camino hospital) that you are most interested in and done with consensus.

-Conduct a thorough literature review of budgeting, accounting, and/or financial management practices for the organization (e.g. hospital, clinic, etc.) you have selected to investigate.

-Examine at least two or three past budgets and/or annual financial reports for your chosen entity to get a sense of its finances and budgeting/financial management practices.

-Choose some particular topics that are worthy of more attention. For example, the condition of the economy might have affected funding levels and/or budgeting practices for particular revenues, programs and services provided.

Use five (5) analytical techniques:

  1. Ratio analysis
  2. Forecasting
  3. Time value of money
  4. Cost Allocation
  5. Bond Evaluation

Mechanics of the Project Report

The final report should include all of the following and be structured as follows:

a. Cover Page

b. Table of contents

c. Abstract (No more than 300 words)

d. Introduction and background information for the chosen entity

  • Problem that you are looking at;
  • • State purpose of your paper

    e. Literature review

    f. Budget/Financial Analysis

    • Include a basic description of your budget.

    • What accounts for the major sources of revenue and expenses?

    • Use at least 5 analytical techniques you will learn this semester for analysis (provided by professor)

  • Use of excel spreadsheets for analysis, present value, forecasting etc. must be incorporated. You may also use charts and tables.
  • g. Conclusion

    h. References (not included in page limit)

    i. Appendix (not included in page limit)

    • Any necessary supporting documents from the actual budget(s) that you have examined

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