Conduct a marketing analysis of Haigh’s Chocolates

Order Description
2500-3000 words, maximum 3300 words
• Times New Roman 12 point font, double line spacing
• Harvard referencing- 15-20 references expectedAim: Conduct a marketing analysis of Haigh’s Chocolates
•Go to the website
• Describe the marketing background of the company
• key information about the industry
• What type of a company
• Their business
• Sustainable practices- environment, society, resources use, etc (10%)
• Sustainable practices- Discuss at least 5 things that company does to contribute to sustainability
• Analyse the main products, services, suppliers and customers of the company (10%)
– What is their product
– Product portfolio
– Services they supply
– Who are their suppliers
– Who are their customers
Describe the following marketing strategies used by the company
• pricing (10%)
• What’s their pricing strategy
• promotion (10%)
• What type of promotions do they use- Think about
Promotion MIX- Not just Advertising •distribution (10%)
• How do they distribute their product/ selling points/ logistics
Compare the marketing mix to its competitors (10%)
• What is their competition?…(types of competitors: Direct/indirect)
• What is their marketing mix
• Make recommendations for improvement of marketing mix for product(s) to become more competitive- Include relevant sustainability aspects (20%)
• References- use in-text references where you use theory or referring to other literature
• Appendix: Include a Swot analysis and positioning chart (10%)
• SWOT analysis—Internal and external env.
• Positioning chart- Where your company among competitors
Presentation (10%)
• Executive summary
• Content
• Introduction
• Marketing background of the company • Marketing Mix
• Competitor analysis • Recommendations • Conclusions
• References Harvard style (that use in research and prefer number of page that you take from)
• Appendix

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