Concurrence and Burden of Proof, assignment help

Concurrenceand Burden of Proof

For this discussion, you will considerthe concept of burden of proof in the context of concurrence by responding tothe following in your main post:

· Explain the advantages and disadvantagesof our adversarial system regarding the burden of proof falling on thegovernment to prove the concurrence of the criminal act with a criminal mind.

· Evaluate whether a fact-finder can lookinto the mind of an accused to determine the way that person acted at the timeof committing the crime.

Analyze whether the elements of concurrence are metand whether a man can be prosecuted for his wife’s death in the followingsituation: the man has been thinking about killing his wife and thoughtfullyplans the details of how he is going to carry out the crime, and then his wifeis killed in a car accident that he had nothing to do with

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