Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting

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This Homework Assignment accesses the following Course Outcome:

AC501-1:Explain the regulatory framework for financial accounting.

Remember that this Unit focuses on the beginning of accounting and its backbone, the conceptual framework.In addition, we will be discussing the history of the accounting standard setting bodies and why the previous two were not successful.Finally, we will wrap up the Unit with the accounting cycle and why double entry accounting, GAAP, and IRFS are so important to accounting today.With that in mind, please complete the following textbook exercises in an excel file and upload them to the Unit 1 Assignment Dropbox,to help you master the material for the unit:

●Exercise 2-6

●Exercise 2-7

●Exercise 3-1

●Exercise 3-4

●Exercise 3-10

●Exercise 3-14

Content and Analysis

Clearly shows the reasoning and/or calculations used to arrive at the answer or conclusion.

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