COMPUTERS lab unit 2 DB


For your discussion board lab for Week 2, you will visit the Web site found here. Investigate the popular topics and the Word templates that you find on the site. While visiting the site, focus on the information about Word. Look for more information than the first item you come across. Look for information that interests you and that you did not know about Word.

After your research is complete, come back to the Discussion Board and post 1 to 2 items that you found interesting about Word. This can be about Word options you were not aware of or Word templates that are valuable.

Your primary post should be 2 paragraphs in length. A paragraph should be at least 3 sentences (though it can be more). At the end for your post, share where you obtained your information by using an APA reference of the Web site. You can list more if you wish. Cite in APA format anything that you get from outside sources. If you have questions about citations, refer to the AIU APA guide on the sidebar. You do not need a cover sheet on this assignment. Your reference should appear at the end of your post.


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