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  1. Tablet computers. Tablet and handheld computers do not use the same sorts of input, processing, output and storage components that traditional desktop computers use. Discuss the components of tablet and handheld devices, and the role of each component. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the components vs. their corresponding components in a desktop computer.
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De’Anna Blanco

Q: The difference between RAM and hard disk storage. Sometimes people confuse these because both are measured in mega- or gigabytes. Discuss the differences between RAM and hard disk space.

A: People often confuse RAM and hard disk space, considering they’re both are data memory storages for computers. But they have important things that differentiate each other from one another; RAM is a temporary, read-write, volatile memory whos’ storage capacity is typically high with sizes ranging from 64MB to 16GB. Although RAM is genuinely fast, it is costly computer memory. RAM usually is a tiny chip, or small circuit board plugged into the system board. But hard disk space is a data storage device that uses magnetic storage to retrieve and store digital data with a swiftly moving platter that rotates. HDS can bear several gigabytes ranging from 500GB to 8TB, which usually refers to the amount of space available to cache data files. Data stored on HDS can crash and alter, unfortunately, if various particles, mechanical issues, or heat unintentionally corrupt it. Think of HDS as the machine with different parts allowing it to act as a system writer or reader module.

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