Comprehension Article Critique

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Part1: Comprehension Article Critique

Each student will find 1 article on each of the 5 five areas in reading (phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary) and 1 for writing. All article responses must include an APA bibliography at the beginning and 2-3 page, double-spaced summary and reaction with each one labeled.


  1. Comprehension Awareness Article
  2. Comprehension Awareness Article Critique
  3. Five Websites with descriptions – type those up and upload them
  4. Ten Activity Ideas with Title and Description – type those up and upload them/pictures would be great also!!


Please find and create two activities tied to Comprehension Awareness. Create one activity to use with students in K-3 and one activity to use with students in grades 4-6. *(Keep in mind that one or two of your 13 overall activities should be whole group activities and 2-3 of your 13 overall activities should be designed for reading centers/workstations.)

The activities may not be worksheets. When creating activities for learning centers, you must have enough for each child in the center.

A whole group activity is one that you would do with whole group instruction. While it can be something like a graphic organizer, it can also be a whole group activity or using manipulatives of some kind. Remember that you should have enough items made in their entirety for a class set.

Each activity should include a card stating the title of the activity, the objective(s), and the area in which the activity fits.

In addition, each activity should have a separate instruction sheet to be placed with the activity for the students to follow.

Each individual must have his or her own activities. An answer key should be provided if it is age appropriate.

For each activity, please provide a 100 -word explanation for the purpose of the activity, what students would benefit from doing the activity, what part/s of reading are addressed by the activity, how the activity will be completed, and how you will determine completion/mastery of the activity’s objective.

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