COMPOSICIÓN – español 1120

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COMPOSICIÓN – español 1120

Melanys Torres, you will write an original composition to introduce yourself using vocabulary and grammar structures from the book appropriate to our class l level. Use the following questions to guide your writing. You ARE NOT to write it with bullet points answering the questions. Instead, this has to be in a paragraph format. Like writing your profile and proudly showing what you can say in Spanish.

You must provide an original title and include the following:

  1. Describe yourself by stating your name, saying where you are from and including at least seven adjectives (physical appearance and of personality).
  2. Say how old you are. In what year were you born? (write the year in digits and write the words in parentheses)
  3. In what day of the week were you born? Does it happen to be your favorite day? If not, which one is it?
  4. What is your favorite month, season and color?
  5. Do you work? Say what you are studying for, using the expression “Quiero ser….” (what you want to become).
  6. Mention the activities you practice in your spare time that you do on a regular basis. Which one is your favorite? When do you usually do it?
  7. Using “Gustar” and verbs from chapters two, three and four, mention three activities that you like to do and one that you don’t.
  8. Complete the following sentences saying true statements that describe you: Tengo…., quiero…, necesito…, deseo….
  9. So far, what is your favorite word of the Spanish language?
  10. What is one song in Spanish that you really like?
  11. Do you use apps for studying Spanish? (If you don’t use any, research and find out which ones are available and which one you could use to help you practice)

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