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You have just learned that several of the US-based employees who reported via the GoodBones hotline that they have experienced some form of discrimination (see Module 3) now have filed EEOC claims. As a result, GoodBones will undergo an EEOC investigation.

Additionally, word of these reports and the investigation has hit the local news. Management is panicked, and you need to do two things immediately:

1) Draft a brief press release, for review by the GoodBones executive team, that positions GoodBones in the best possible light. You might want to google some other press releases in preparation for this assignment. While you wouldn’t want to deny that discrimination occurred (you actually don’t know yet), you can reference the company’s commitment to an ethical environment and compliance with regulations (if that is the case). You can also mention cooperation with the government investigation and talk about how you are managing your own internal investigation. Consider how much detail you may want to use, the climate of the #metoo movement and the actual business of GoodBones.

2. Draft a brief letter to the EEOC asking whether or not this claim might be eligible for mediation (and noting your request for this process). You might want to explain why this would be a satisfactory resolution for all parties.

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