Compiler design

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This project requires modification to the bison input file, so that it defines the additional semantic checks necessary to produce these errors and addition of functions to the library of type checking functions already provided in You must also make some modifications to the functions provided. You need to add a check to the checkAssignment function for mismatched types in the case that Boolean and numeric types are mixed. You need to also add code to the checkArithmetic function to coerce integers to reals when the types are mixed and the error message must be modified to indicate that numeric rather than only integer types are permitted. The provided code includes a template class Symbols that defines the symbol table. It already includes a check for undeclared identifiers. You need to add a check for duplicate identifiers. Like the lexical and syntax errors, the compiler should display the semantic errors in the compilation listing, after the line in which they occur. An example of compilation listing output containing semantic errors is shown below: 1 — Test of Multiple Semantic Errors 2 3 function test a: integer returns integer; 4 b: integer is 5 if a + 5 then 6 2; 7 else 8 5; 9 endif; Semantic Error, If Expression Must Be Boolean 10 c: real is 9.8 – 2 + 8; 11 d: boolean is 7 = f; Semantic Error, Undeclared f 12 begin 13 case b is 14 when 1 => 4.5 + c; 15 when 2 => b; Semantic Error, Case Types Mismatch 16 others => c; 17 endcase; 18 end; Lexical Errors 0 Syntax Errors 0 Semantic Errors 3 You are to submit two files. 1. The first is a .zip file that contains all the source code for the project. The .zip file should contain the flex input file, which should be a .l file, the bison file, which should be a .y file, all .cc and .h files and a makefile that builds the project. 2. The second is a Word document (PDF or RTF is also acceptable) that contains the documentation for the project, which should include the following: a. A discussion of how you approached the project b. A test plan that includes test cases that you have created indicating what aspects of the program each one is testing and a screen shot of your compiler run on that test case c. A discussion of lessons learned from the project and any improvements that could be made

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