compare writing style of two article

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● Use the citation format appropriate to your chosen discipline.

  • · Double-spaced
  • · 12-point Times New Roman font
  • · 1-inch margins

· Left-hand corner heading with name, assignment due date, and course title

Submission Guidelines

Requirements: APA format (4-5 pages, double spaced).

1. Explore journal articles (our main genre) from both disciplines on your topic of choice. Eventually, you will pick one article from each discipline and compare them with regard to several criteria: argumentation, use of evidence, discourse community, and other genre conventions. You may answer many of the questions below* for both of your chosen articles. Then, develop a controlling idea about what you think the genres reveals about writing in the disciplines. This controlling idea should be the thesis of your paper.

2. Write a paper where you communicate your findings. Your writing project should state a thesis and discuss the differences between the disciplines in terms of genre rather than topic. The analysis must be illustrated with specific evidence and incorporate at least two class readings in meaningful ways.

3.Elements you might choose to explore include:

· Evidence
o What counts as evidence? Interviews? Lines from poems? Philosophical theories? Lab tests?
o How do these texts incorporate evidence? By quoting? Summarizing? Pointing to charts?
o How do they cite evidence? MLA? Chicago? APA? Author-date? Why might they use this citation style? (Consult your Hacker Handbook for this!) o Does evidence stand on its own, or is it analyzed? In what way is it analyzed? Do writers make sure to agree/disagree with other sources? Do they indicate agreement? How?

· Argument
o What counts as an argument? What kinds of arguments are the writers making? Claims about the world? Claims about texts? Comparisons? Rebuttals of other scholars’ positions?
o How do the writers make their arguments? Do they include an abstract? Does the argument appear in the first paragraph? First page? Do they use the terms “I” or “we”?
o How do the writers prove their arguments?
o Does the writing have a thesis? How can you tell? What does it look like?

· Organization
o How is the writing organized? What comes first, second, third?
o How do the writers guide the reader? Are there sections with titles? Is the introduction separated from the body?
o What does the introduction do? What does the conclusion do? For instance, does the conclusion summarize the argument, or does it make suggestions for further analysis? Does it point to problems in the study? Does it take the argument in a new direction?
o What sort of paratexts are there? Appendices? Indices? Bibliography? What do these look like, and what elements do they include? (Ex: Does the index include topics, or only names? Whose names? Why?)

· Voice, Word Choice, Diction
o What is the tone of the writing? Authoritative? Humble? Playful? Serious? o What sort of sentences does the writing use? Long sentences with lots of clauses? Short, clear sentences? Beautiful, sensitive prose? No-nonsense prose? What does the sentence length do for the writing? Why is it being

used? (Don’t just say “to sound smart!” We all want to sound smart… what does this choice do for the writers and the ideas?
o What sort of words does the writing use? Does it use jargon? If so, what does this jargon help describe? (Jargon exists so people can be technical; what does this jargon help these writers to be technical about?) Do the writers create new terms to help them explain their ideas?

o Does the writing use the active voice or passive voice? Does it say “I”?

Specific readings for this assignment

· Johns, “Discourse Communities and Communities of Practice: Membership, Conflict, and Diversity”

· Kleine, “What It Is We Do When We Write Articles Like This One…”

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