compare the supply and demand in two companies.

Project description
This essay will compare two companies and show the shortage of the supply, which are Sony Corporation, and Microsoft entertainment and their products, PlayStation 4

and Xbox One, and what their supply and demand was in the market. in December 2013 there was a shortage in the supply, what caused it and how to fix it using relevant

economic theory. what was the threat between the two companies and how to prevent this not to happen in the future. And were the selling their products in market

clearing level.

please use the following if appropriate to the topic.

– Whether the price was at a market clearing level?
– The relative merits and alternative price mechanisms.
– The factors that would determine the size of any allocative inefficiency.

(Their MUST be Harvard in-text citation in every paragraph, two to three diagrams mustn’t be copied from any website, please use easy and understandable words for a

second language student.
You can change the title of the essay but please inform me first.)

If there is any problem with the essay please email me.
Thank you.

Referencing Requirements: (very important)

(1)Anderton, A. (2008) Economics, A Level, 5th Edition, Essex: Pearson Education.
(2)Hall, D. Jones, C. Raffo, A. Anderton, A (2008) Business studies A level AQA, fourth Edition, Harlow: Pearson Education.
(3)Microsoft. (2014) Company information:
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(5)Sony Corporation. (2014) Corporate Info:

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