Community Media Management-Ethics· Project

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Question 1.Choose one situation to address. This assignment must be in essay format. Your essay should be a minimum of 500 words. You must use correct grammar, correct punctuation, and complete sentences. Use your book to help you with this assignment. Use key terms from the chapters we have read so far, and you may read ahead, as well. However, please make sure your assignment is written in your own words. If your assignment contains more than 20 percent of material from outside sources, you will receive a 0 for this assignment. If you choose to use outside sources for this assignment, you must include a Works Cited page.

(1)You’ve spent ·a considerable amount of money hiring one of the top-rated Morning DJs in the USA to work for you. WJRN has been losing listeners for over a year to another strong station that comes into your market. The competition plays whatever song they want, including songs which ‘promote self-destructive lifestyles, anti-woman-attitudes, anti-police attitudes, and licentious behavior in- general. Your new Morning Crew wants to get wild n crazy and compete head-to-head with the other guys. This could mean humor that you feel is inappropriate and demeaning, and music that is offensive, too. What will you do?

(2)That expensive Morning DJ manages to raise ratings and your advertisers are falling all over themselves to hire him to do live remotes from their businesses. Then one remote the DJ (a straight single male in his early 30s) meets the daughter (straight single female in her mid 20s) of the business owner. They immediately’ become an item, but the daddy isn’t happy. And he threatens to pull his considerable advertising budget unless they it. Your DJ, who used to roam from gig to gig, is deliriously happy now and wants to work for you from this point on. Who do you make happy?

Question 2. Submit one article that is an example of an ethical dilemma that pertains to electronic and digital media. This article must relate to Chapter 3 of your textbook. Your article MUST be from a credible source (i.e: Mashable, Tech Crunch, etc.).

Please include a hyperlink to your article. Then, in 200 words or more, tell me how your article relates to the class material and/or what you find interesting about the article. Again, the article MUST somehow relate to our class materials.

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