commentary 4

(tutor have wirte 2 different commentary) The commentary of the requirement is:

Purpose: to cultivate the habits of critical reading by making arguments and providing evidence

Content: identify an argument( not merely a topic) from required reading( with direct quotations and page numbers) and discuss it in relation to the designated film of the day

Focus;your ability to articulate someone else’ argument and state your interpretation of a film in relation to that argument: mere factual information or plot summary won’t count as the argument

Length: 1 double-spaced page or 350 words for each short paper, the portion in excess of the limit will not be graded for credit

Grading: out of 10 points for each commentary,3 for identification of an argument and logical transition. 3 points for film discussion focused on details, and 4 for writing9 grammar, expression0

The movie is ‘shower” which is Chinese film

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