Columbia Design Class and Sequence Diagram for an ATM machine Paper

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Design Class and Sequence Diagram for an ATM machine

An ATM is simply a data terminal. The ATM has to connect to and communicate through a host processor. The processor is analogous to an internet service provider in that it is the gateway through which all the various ATM networks become available to cardholders. If a cardholder wants to access an ATM, his/her card must be inserted to the ATM, and a corresponding bank account is locked to protect the access from other cardholders who may access the account in other ATMs. In this project 4, design class (30 points) and sequence (70 points) diagrams to serialize concurrent accesses through ATMs connected over a network.

Use Lock and Unlock for control operations, and deposit, withdraw, and check balance operations to access a bank account.

Submit two screenshots showing your class and sequence diagrams and your uml files

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