Collin College Grievances Abo

Here’s the situation. The deadline to apply to an online post bac program is July 31, according to the schools website. I have screenshots from the schools website as well as email from their registrar verifying that.

however when i tried to submit my application on the 31st, their POSTCAS systems said the deadline was the 30th. Therefore i’ve missed my chance at applying.

Here’s the email i received from their recruiter when I told them about the issues.

“Thank you for your interest in our Specialized Master’s in Medical Science. Last year, we made the decision to move our application to the PostbacCAS system to help better serve our applicants with a one stop location to hold all application materials and, hopefully, offer a quicker decision turnaround. We have definitely seen our share of learning opportunities as we have navigated this new application.

We are aware that you have tried to submit an application for our program within the CAS portal. It has recently been brought to our office’s attention that regardless of our deadline, PostbacCAS closed for the cycle on Friday, July 30 at 10:59 PM CST. This means that the CAS portal deadline to submit an application, pay a fee, and request a recommendation letter was Friday prior to the deadline of Saturday, July 31 that our admissions office had advertised. You can find more information regarding deadlines in the PostbacCAS Help Center. Unfortunately, we are unable to make exceptions to the existing CAS deadlines.

Despite this confusion, I want to encourage you to apply for next application cycle. The CAS system makes it easy to transfer your coursework and transcripts into a new application. You can find detailed information on re-applying in the PostbacCAS Help Center. Furthermore, the application for the cohort Medical Science class will open on November 15, 2021. This option would put you on the same trajectory to start Medical school in 2023 as the 2021 Fall Online MedSci program. Additionally, we plan to seat another online class next fall. That application will open in March 2022.

I WANT to write a letter to the President and the Deans to tell them about this situation. Apparently someone made a mistake causing me my chance at getting into this program. Also, when I contacted the recruiter back she said there’s not that many seats left and this program is very competitive, she just trying to make me give up on it even though it was clearly their faults.PLEASE HELP ME WRITE a STRONG LETTER . I want them to make an exception because it was their faults.

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