Coke Cola research question.MARKETING

Im doing a small research about coke cola company with a bias opinion. three questions need to be answered. Each question should be a page double spaced. 

) Ethical and social responsibility  (15 points)


a) What ethical issues face the company/product?


 8) Global marketing presence  (15 points)

a) What is the overall importance of global sales to the company/product? Be specific,

b) Is your product marketed differently overseas? How is it different?


 9) Marketing research (10 points)

a) What type of marketing research is the company involved in?

b) How will the research affect the marketing activities of the company? 


The citation and the paper need to be in APA format.

These are t he appropriate sources for the research.

Other great resources include:

·         Wall Street Journal articles


·         Encyclopedia of Associations


·         Books published on your company/industry

·         Other newspaper articles, etc. 






Please provide the used sources and citation. 


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