CNDV 5320 multicultural counseling

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African Americans have faced generations of discrimination and prejudice. As a result, there is often a mistrust of organized services such as professional counseling. In addition to the trust issues, cultural beliefs often drive individuals from the African American community to turn toward the church for help before seeking professional counseling services. Within the African American community, mental health issues often hold a large stigma. Together, all of these elements present some challenges to providing effective counseling services to African Americans.

Assignment 2 will help you to examine strategies for providing services to African American clients. Before completing it, review the course videos and supplemental materials, and use the rubric as a guide to help you complete the assignment. This assignment will count toward your final grade, is due by Day 7, and is worth 75 points.


Read your textbook chapters and watch the video “Snapping the Chain.” To prepare for this assignment, reflect on the following questions (one or two pages).

Snapping the Chain video link:

  1. How can counselors work to lessen the effects of racism and discrimination that have impacted African Americans? (1-2 paragraphs)
  2. What role can counselors play in reducing the stigma related to mental illness in the African American community? (1-2 paragraphs)
  3. What ethical and legal issues are important to address from the video. How might these issues be related to perceptions of counseling? (1-2 paragraphs)
  4. Reflect on your learning experience related to counseling African Americans across the lifespan. Discuss how you can better serve African American clients in your school or clinic. (2-4 paragraphs).

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