Client System Role Play Script

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Client System Role Play Script

Nadesha Brown

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Client System Role Play Script

Client system used- individual

The client system selected for this study or the preparation of this paper is an individual. An individual is a particular person that shares their own view. The purpose of this individual is to help in agitating for the grievances of this person with a united voice. The individual is a person that shares interest or a set of trait or point in common. The purpose of the individual is to ensure that their view point make a different, and the purpose of an individual to show their work or act as a person. The individual can be described as a macro organization or one with macro traits. This is because an individual has a set of unique traits and characteristics that are shared. The macro description is mainly attributed to the size of the organization. A dividable therefore is large in size. An individual is just made up of a person with a similar ethnic background, people from the same neighborhood, people who share the same dream or any other agenda. In this case the group is made up of immigrants from different parts of the world that are into the country.

Area of concern

Criminalization of immigration is not a fair act. This is because regardless of the origin of a given individual or ethnic affiliation a person has a right to move from one country to another and create a home if it is made legal. Immigration has various effects to a country such as strain in the national resources of a country. The issue of compromised security resulting from immigration is also a topic of concern. Immigrants within the US have increased the population of the country leading to a strain in the use of social amenities. The legality and illegality debate surrounding the issue of immigrant is hence the focus of concern. This examines why this should be made illegal or strict guidelines should be enforced to regulate immigration.

Client session scene description

The client session scene describes why the issue of criminalization of immigration is an issue of grave concern. This is given the fact that there are cases of victimization and illegal treatment of immigrants which simply amounts to be mistreated. The immigrants are denied their basic right as human beings and in some cases subjected to strenuous and dangerous circumstances. The GIM step analysis thus reveals that this individual needs help. The immigrants were represented by one person in the interview with the social worker.


Nadesha Brown: my name is Nadesha Brown am a social worker and I would like to get your opinion on criminalization of immigration. First of all to start with let me get to hear your name, country of origin as well as the people you are representing and there descent

Trevon: My name is Trevon Currier from Jamaica. I am from St. Ann the largest parish in Jamaica. It is the eastern and western part of the island. The Taino/Arawaks settle there.

Nadesha Brown: If I may ask you Trevon as the representative of the group, what pushed you into coming to this country?

Trevon: I came to look for greener pastures, to find a job and to live a better life than I was in my country.

Nadesha Brown: just to mention a general overview about your group, do you think they are here for the same reasons?

Trevon: I am here for genuine reasons, for instance some of the reasons why I am here is that I am looking for greener pastures, running from political instability, the search for a better life and education, the need to access better services among other reasons. This country is my county of choice.

Nadesha Brown: we have had cases of immigrants being linked with breaking the law. Do you personally believe immigrants are criminals?

Trevon: No, immigrants are not criminals, this is because the issue of breaking the law is done by everyone, and therefore this is like a form of targeting the immigrants.

Nadesha Brown: Do you believe immigration is against the law? And have you experienced cases of being linked with criminal activity simply because of being an immigrant? What is your opinion on this?

Trevon: No, immigration is not against the law as it is allowed in the constitution. Yes I have experienced cases of being suspected to a criminal simply because of being an immigrant. I was accused of drug trafficking upon the realization by law enforcement that I am from a given country. As a matter of fact immigration is legal. The issue of being looked at or treated suspiciously due to being an immigrant is true. It has happened to me before.

Nadesha Brown: do you think it is an injustice for you to be deported back to your country, and why.

Trevon: yes it is an injustice given the fact that I am here in the country legal and I deserve a fair hearing to determine my fate in the country.

Nadesha Brown: thank you for your time, here is my business card; you can call me whenever something comes up.

Trevon: thank you for the hospitality. (Door shuts)

Visual cues

The social worker should keenly use the aspect of maintaining eye contact to assess the clients so as to determine the impact of the questions being asked. One should be able to note the changes in terms of body movement, eye contact, appearance of a person so as to be able to tell whether a person is nervous or whether a person is confident. This will help in assessing the behavior of a given individual. The approach to answering questions should also be keenly observed as a way of monitoring the clients.


The techniques to be used to aid in the implementation of the GIM step will depend on the approach of the social worker. The social worker should use questions meant to gauge the feelings of the person as a way of getting a truthful answer. Questions that require detail should be asked as well as the use of the tactic that involves separating people in different aspects. People should be made to express themselves in a more personal way which can be done when the individuals are secluded.

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