CIVE555 San Diego State Performance Measurement Plan Paper

Question Description

We seek to address the solid waste issue within the San Diego River through compacting trash containers.We envision a healthy, clean, more vibrant river system for community engagement.

Strategy Increased community participation through off-duty volunteer hours. Through volunteer work, we can start small
and get to know our main issues that can be addressed through engineering solutions.

Performance Measurement Plan – Applicants should describe how they plan to track and monitor their project performance and progress throughout the project period. Applicants will be evaluated on the extent and quality to which the proposal demonstrates a sound plan for tracking progress towards achieving the expected outputs, outcomes, and associated timeframes for achieving those results.

Sustainability Plan and Community Vision – Based on your project planning with the community, describe the vision for how your proposed project fits within the broader range of activities that are ongoing in the community and will help resolve the local environmental and public health issues in the future. Describe how the community plans to utilize the results and momentum of the proposed project to come closer to achieving the community vision. You should include details about current work and initiatives in the community, and how the community has a vested interest in sustaining the project’s momentum on into the future.