CIS236 University of North Alabama Case of Misaddressed Email Discussion

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Read chapter 4 and study the case described below. Think carefully about the way email systems work. Identify the nature and scope of the problem, along with the possible consequences. Identify and evaluate your options. Write up and submit your assessment and recommendations. Provide detailed substantiation your opinions.

The Case of Misaddressed Mail in your Inbox:

Several of your employees are competing for a significant promotion in the department you manage. The position is critical to your business’s success, and you really need the best person for the job. The candidate selected for the position will be provided with a substantial salary increase, a nice office, and an administrative assistant. So the promotion is both important and highly sought after.

A important part of the interview process is the creation and submission of a three-year strategic plan for the department. The strategic plans are to be submitted via e-mail over the company intranet. Each of the candidates has been asked to submit their plan directly to you.

The first plan arrives in your inbox. You take a look at it, and your initial impression is that she has done an excellent job. And then you notice, in her email to you she has included the email addresses for the other candidates. So now her plan is in the inbox of the other candidates. None of them has submitted yet. You assume that she CC’d the others by mistake. What would you do?

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